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Music Scroller 11-12-10

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January 24, 2011
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Windows 7, Vista, XP

Music Scroller Publisher's Description

In short Music Scroller is a Musicians Autocue system.

By BigLicks about Music Scroller

Perfect for Gigging Musicians, Professional Musicians or Novices , And an excellent learning AIDE, commercial or private use.

Music Scroller does exactly that, it scrolls music up the PC screen, optionally synchronized with a backing track ( backing tracks can be mp3, wav, wma or midi files ).

If you don't want to use backing tracks, then Music Scroller can scroll your song information (Chords, Lyrics, manuscript notation, guitar tabs, etc ) up the screen at a pre-determined speed, or can scroll Page by Page, just like turning the pages of a book, all controlled with a single footswitch.

Key Features:

Includes 100 songs ready to play.
Hundreds more songs on the Music Scroller website for FREE download.
Touch Screen capable and Footswitch control.
Backing tracks can be mp3, wma, wav, midi.
Display document is RTF files, easily created with Word or Wordpad.
Multiple scrolling methods.
One click transpose of song chords ( + or - 1 semitone steps ).
Displays and scrolls- Chords and Lyrics, manuscript notation, tabs, images etc.
Playlist feature, 3 x 30 song playlists ( sequential auto loading ).
240 User Defined Quick Find buttons.
Multiple Databases ( one for each line up, solo, DUO, band etc ).
Windows Vista, Windows 7 32 and 64 bit.
Quick and Easy Search for titles and/or artists
Guitar chord fingering can be displayed during scrolling.
Built in guitar and keyboard chord fingering library.
Just Connect the audio out from your PC to your audio system.
Your choice of Background music, played Between gig sets
System Requirements :
No special requirements
What's new in Music Scroller 11-12-10:
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